Birthday Goal

hand stand

Every year I make some type of fitness goal to achieve before my birthday. I was hesitant to make one this year because I’ve been reading a lot about setting achievable goals so you don’t set yourself up for failure. I thought long and hard but I decided that I am setting a goal and am going to give it all I have to achieve it and if I don’t achieve it I know that the steps I have been doing will still be helping me get better and maybe I need to re-evaluate my goal. So for this year I want to:


That’s right do a handstand! (Preferably on an exotic beach but that is less likely to happen.) So I’ll try and keep things updated. So far I can kick up and hold it against a wall for 30 seconds. Sad but it’s a start!!

Do you set goals? Is there anything you want to improve on? If so set a goal and join me. D-Day is July 23rd!