Saturdays around this house…

I normally have certain days for certain chores at our house. Monday is always laundry and deep clean the kitchen, Tuesday is usually the adults bedroom and the kids bedroom, Wednesday is the front room and guinea pig area, Thursdays are bathrooms (I save them for last because I despise them) and Friday is whatever didn’t get during the week. Saturday is one of the only days Sam is home to help around the house. After Crossfit this last Saturday we decided to take the kids out to Kiwi Loco (a frozen yogurt place) but first they had to help clean because it had been a particularly rough week here and they have never cleaned so well.


We paired up boys and girls and divided up the house and it worked so great!



I’ve decided to start  dividing out chores by what they like to do (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that earlier).



018 020

Then after the Kiwi Loco (yum) Wes spent some time with her favorite pets. The guinea pigs and their favorite snack… radishes. Yum!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


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