I love soup: Beanless Chili

beanless chili

I am not a huge fan of Winter. It’s ok but I would be fine if it last 2 weeks and then went back to a perfect spring, even a fall day but winter is here and has been for awhile. Instead of get annoyed (well more annoyed) I turn to one of my favorite things… soup!

Seriously it’s amazing how many things you can fit in one bowl or how many veggies you can add or different flavor combinations, It’s quite impressive. This beanless chili is one of my favorite recipes because it makes a lot that I get left overs for days. (Another one of my favorite things.) I’ve had this for breakfast this morning with some avocado and fried egg. So good! The kids like it with sour cream, cheese, and Juanita’s tortilla chips.

It’s one of the meals that we all get really excited for.

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Beanless Chili

everyday paleo

2 lbs ground beef

1 lb  spicy italian pork sausage

7-10 celery stalks diced

6 carrots diced (optional)

1 white onion diced

6 cloves of crushed garlic

4 Tbs olive oil

1 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes

16 ounces of chicken broth

2 big pinches of sea salt

2 Tbs. dried oregano

2 Tbs. dried basil

1 Tbs.cumin

3-4 Tbs. chili powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper (more if you like it spicy)

Saute veggies in olive oil for about a minute and add meat and brown.  Season the meat mixture with all the spices.  Add the tomatoes and chicken broth and simmer for 35 minutes.  Taste and add more seasoning if desired.  If you are feeling a little frisky, eat this awesome chili with a dollop of sour cream and some crushed corn chips.  If you are keeping it 100% paleo for the big day, it’s good just like it is!!





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