Days 10-13! Hallelujah.


Day 10:

Today is my rest day. It’ll be nice to rest today but I am sad because that means no sweet potatoes.

Breakfast: Eggs, sausage, and broccoli

Lunch: Chocolate Chili with avocado and onions.

Dinner: Eggs, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, and red pepper.

My energy was great today. My appetite has definitely changed. I don’t know if I’m eating more at my meals but I haven’t been as hungry lately which is awesome. Also I feel like I’ve been more patient with my family. Bonus!

Day 11:

Workout: Cleans, Wall Balls, Dips,and Jump Rope

Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, and Sweet Potatoes (I was glad to have them back.)

Lunch: Ham, Apples, and broccoli

Dinner: Whole Foods salad bar with Tessemae’s Dressing

Today was great because I went out with my hubby to do some grocery shopping and I was nervous because it’s my first meal out. Granted we were at Whole Foods but it was nice to have the guidelines and follow them!

Day 12:

Workout: Broomstick Mile

Breakfast: Cauliflower rice pilaf (Well-Fed), fried eggs and bacon.

Lunch: Cauliflower rice pilaf, ham, and a hard-boiled egg

Dinner: Ham, Apple with almond butter, and broccoli.

I had to work tonight So dinner was more on the go kind of food but still yummy.


Day 13:

Rest day but I still had to work.

Breakfast: Sweet Potato pancake with almond butter and bananas.

Lunch: Ham and broccoli

Dinner: (At my in-laws) Eggs and sausage.

Kind of a boring few days when I type it out but I loved every day of it so that is great!


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