Day 6 and 7. Energy finally but…


Day 6 started out pretty good. There are certain days I fast for religious purposes and Day 6 just happened to be one. I was thinking about not fasting but since it is also a rest day I figured I would be ok. I got up and got the kids their breakfast but by 10 am I was so hungry. Luckily I was at church already and didn’t pack any kid-snacks. When we got home I waited and when I did break my fast I did it responsibly. I was so excited because normally before the Whole 30 I probably would have done candy or something salty-carby like cheetos or chips but I didn’t. I had some homemade beef jerky and a green apple and almond butter. I was full and satisfied!

Breakfast: Fasting

Nap: 30 Minutes

Late Lunch: Beef jerky, apple with almond butter

Dinner: Eggs, sausage, carrots and brussel sprouts. (We went to my in-laws for dinner so I packed my own dinner.)

Snack: Beef jerky.

*Need to lay off the beef jerky. I don’t want to start to overeat it. Even though things are good for me I can still overeat.

Day 7

I think for me this day has been the hardest. I don’t know why. It is snowing which makes me sad and keeps us inside. Normally I would snack or bake or cook a lot because we are stuck inside but dinner is already in the crock pot and baking seems counter-productive so I am going to focus on another thing I dislike. Cleaning. I am getting the kids involved and will be cleaning so I stay out of the kitchen.

I do need to get better at eating times. In the morning I always put off eating until about 8 am even though I wake up at 5:30 to do the 6 am cross fit class. I should probably be eating when I get home but I usually get about 15 minutes til the kids get up of alone time and then once they get up there are things needing to be done and breakfasts so I don’t eat til 8.

Workout: Double-unders, wall balls (It seems I’ve been doing a lot of these lately), box jumps, and push-ups.

Breakfast: eggs, sweet potatoes, and sausage. This is seriously one of my favorite meals.Lunch: sausage, eggs, mushrooms, onions, red pepper, avocado, enchilada sauce.

Lunch Mixed Up

Dinner: Slow Cooker Kalua Pork (Nom Nom Paleo) steamed carrots and broccoli. Delish! I can’t wait for left overs

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

Snack: Banana with almond butter

I didn’t get to bed until 10. Silly new shows starting back up and I woke up Day 8 fifteen minutes before my alarm. The past two days have been harder. There were a couple times that I was thinking just one bite but then I thought I would lose all my progress and have to start all over. I have held strong and like having specific rules because I think I like to find loop holes but so far no problems there.


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