Day 3… blah.



Day 3… You and I are not friends. I was so tired all day. I had planned on taking a nap but somehow due to my poor planning I was running errands during nap time so it didn’t happen. I’m going to try to go to bed at 9 tonight which is a half hour earlier than normal. Plus yesterday and today I get headaches at around 7 at night. Not very fun. Also another awesome side effect of the Whole30… the pre perfect skin. Obviously my skin is feeling the changes.


Got to love breaking out right…

Workout: Scheduled rest day. That was awesome luck that Thursday (my rest day) hit the same time as Day 3.

B: eggs, sausage patty, cauli-rice, onion, and mushrooms, a piece of homemade jerky. (Delicious)

L: Leftover Bora Bora fireball (Well-fed), sunshine sauce, and steamed broccoli


Snack: berries and coconut cream (need to find a better snack)

D: Pork chops, carrot and parsnip puree, dried apricots, jerky

Kombucha throughout the day.

Mood wasn’t horrible, just tired. I was asleep by 9:00 PM.

Homemade jerky is awesome!



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